Saint Philomena liberated and restored statue and Janet Marie Hannikman Memorial Dwarf White Hydrangea

” The Saints and the Mystics are real!!”

Mrs. Edward Kish to the Supreme Court of New York in sworn testimony…

” I want to be the Saint of multiple…..”

Anonymous … who now would like to be referred to with her baptismal name:

Miss Jennifer K. Le Mat.

“They go to Hell, unless they have valid, licit, Holy Sacramental confession

with true remorse, and true repentance!”

“Ask five Novus Ordo “priests” any question and you will get five different answers!.”

Former Anonymous again…

“Hironimus Bosch was right!”

Mrs. James . Tesso.

Episcopalian, Art Historian convert, friend of co- founder Miss Hannikman+

“It is murder!”

Rosemary Labanara on her death bed after hearing the, subtle, gentle,



on the fifth box. (TV)

“…nothing is actually lost…”

From the Novus Ordo bishops statement on the smooth euphuism “abortion”. Souls are not really…’lost’…

they go right back to heaven and wait for mommy and daddy. This is a form of ‘blessed assurance’.

If they had lived who knows what might have happened to their LITTLE SOULs tm over a life time of temptations!

Just outside the doors of the chapel in photo above is a memorial to the unborn who have been gently euphemized. On a cold stone we read, “May the angels lead them to Heaven” with a nice rose carving above. Limbo is closed after 1,974 years of holding the souls of the unbaptized infants in a part of Hell called:



“Thank you for reaching out IPSM!…Forty Days For Life does not teach that there is a Limbo! ”

Miss Catholic 40 Days!

This error aborts Original Sin. It makes a mockery of The Fall. A mockery of baptism.

So does Vatican II, and Novus Ordo.

“They make a mockery of all the Sacraments; but especially marriage.

The premeditated murder of one’s own child is a sin so grievous it is one of the

four sins that cry out for God’s vengeance!

It cuts them off from any hope of heaven by sending them, to Limbo, forever!

How ‘so called “pro life” ‘ can they be?!? They give their wafer to BABY KILLERS!!”

Fr. WIlliam Jenkins.

This writer, one of four IPSM founding members, had the privilege of hearing this magnificent nuclear bomb question preached from just in front of a St. Philomena statue. The blast and flash of light leveled all of fraud “so called Pro Life” and all of fraud Novus Ordo. One sentence; no one and nothing left standing. All became a smoldering ruin of smoke and ash. Stunning! 100% effective. A major victory for


offering only True Catholic Tradition, only True Mary, Catholic historic pre Vatican II response to the premediated murder in the first degree of ones own child within ones body for a fee paid to an executioner.

“My only enemy is the Catholic Church.

Margaret Sanger

in second ghostwritten autobiography 1938. Age fifty-one.

Evil has only one enemy….

All other responses are frauds….even Margaret Sanger knew that and said it..

This includes the false ecumenism entertainment industry mythos:

“so called ‘pro life’!”

Fr. Jenkins quote…again.

“Where is the outrage!?!”

Fr. William Jenkins

“Weep not for me!… but for yourselves

(say your name out loud here)

and your children!”

Jesus Christ about to fall yet again beneath His Cross along

The Via Delarosa (The Way of Tears) to the women of Jerusalem.

A soul.

Da Vinci

A Soul.

Who became a very serious Saint who is “real”…..look at that face and tell a lie….or live one…or two…

Her autobiography?

The Story of a Soul

“So called” ” Pro Life” is the wrong focus. One can be ” Pro Life” (for life) and not believe there is a human soul that is that life.

One can not be “Pro Soul” and and not believe in human life.

This is why for 1,974 years there was no “so called ‘Pro Life Movement'”. It was not necessary.

” The Saints and the Mystics who are real”.. are only “Pro Soul”: “Pro Life” being for life (movement) is implied in being “Pro Soul”.

“Pro Life” does not imply “Pro Soul”.

The term “Pro Life” is the wrong focus. It is error. It is Humanism. It teaches a false ecumenism in the social sphere.

It is Chaos.

“Those ‘Little Feet” (brass lapel pin) are Humanism!”

quote: Janet Marie Hannikman+

Christopher’s mother.

“My only enemy is the Catholic Church.”

Margaret Sanger.